Thursday, March 1, 2012

What is Amanda doing?

Hello Clarkies,
So a fellow Clarkie friend of mine, Amanda Palmer, is studying abroad in London, working at AKA!!!
Here is what she had to say about her internship...

"Hi! I’m Amanda, and I’m a junior at Clark currently studying in London! I’m working at AKA, like Shaun did last semester. I’m working in the Client Services department, which is basically the main liaison between the client (the show) and the company. I’m working mainly on Sweeney Todd, which is coming back to the West End a week from Saturday. So clearly we have a lot to be getting on with at the moment. Right now, we’re basically just doing last minute hardcore promotions. The posters are all over London, and the artwork has gone up on the outside of the theatre. I’m mainly trying to keep the existing print advertisements organized and under control and providing a helping hand to the main Sweeney Client Services team wherever they need it. I also do a little work here and there on Jersey Boys, since that’s my main supervisor Anna’s other big show. That mostly involves recording comped tickets, meaning tickets that were given away either for promotional or company purposes, and running errands to the JB theatre, which is just two blocks away from the office.
It’s really great to work in the heart of London and to be so close to such a busy industry. Not to mention the perk of free tickets. I saw Shrek last night, and it was amazing. I’m really enjoying the job and seeing how the company works, especially now that I’m settled into a routine."

Seems like Amanda is loving life! I am super jealous!

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